Alexander Zide has been involved in the healing arts for more than two decades. He began his training in Shiatsu in 1981, and 1983 graduated from the Swedish Institute as a Massage therapist. Thereafter he studied with numerous teachers, learning different techniques and ways to bring balance and harmony to the lives of his clients. In 1990, he began studying Acupuncture, and in 1996 was in the first graduating class of the Pacific College of Oriental Medicine of New York.

Since the age of 20, Alexander has been involved in martial arts. He has studied karate, kung-fu, yoga, taiqi and qi-gong. In addition, he has been a student of Somatics and Alexander Technique.

Alexander has a broad knowledge of the body and its processes, from both the Eastern and Western perspectives, and can help with many different ailments and conditions. In his work he uses acupuncture, massage therapy, scenar therapy, diet, herbs, breathing exercises, postural reintegration, and other healing modalities.

Acupuncture -
A tradition of the Orient more than 4000 years old

The first record of acupuncture is found in the 4700-year-old Huang Di Nei Jing (Yellow Emperor's Classic of Internal Medicine), a seminal text in ancient Chinese medicine. It is said to have been based on even earlier theories by Shen Nung, who documented theories about circulation, pulse, and the heart over 4000 years before European medicine had any concept of them. Shen Nung theorized that the body had an energy force, known as Qi (Chi or Ki), running through it. more...

Shiatsu-Tuina -
Tap into the miraculous flow of life force

Massage is probably the first hands-on healing technique ever used by man. Different cultures have developed their own style of this treatment, and there are references to massage in various medical texts from India, Greece and China, to name but a few. Some massage techniques have developed into complete healing modalities that allow them to be used for treatment of internal diseases; others are used mostly for improved circulation and relaxation. more...